Now: 50 Intranet launch and promotion videos!

[Update November 2018: There are now more than 400 videos in my collection]

video cameraMy earlier post on intranet launch videos and teasers has become my all-time popular post in 6 months time. Since then, I have kept adding new videos to the collection, and there are now more than 50!

Some highlights of the latest additions:

Real Estate
I have found quite a number of U.S. Real Estate Company’s intranet (re)launches recently. Whether the market has forced realtors to be more efficient, whether they keep close track of their competitor’s digital footprint, or whether it is a coincidence I do not know, but I thought it remarkable.
Most of them focus on knowledge sharing and business tools, so efficiency appears to play a part.

Talking heads
I have also added a couple of “talking heads videos”, which always amuse me since it is fun to see whether people feel comfortable in front of the camera (this one does) or not (like this one).
And one fashion intranet (Miroglio) from Italy takes it outside the office with a video from employees (I think) shot in a park. Quite relaxing and a nice change from either space themes or business environments. Pirelli from Italy also shows employees and focuses on what they want from their intranet. I like that!

(Note February 2013: Unfortunately the two Italian intranets have put their video behind a password now. I am really sorry for that, because they were both a good example of a people-centric intranet, but also posting your video on a public network should mean you are proud of it and want to share it!)

Others worth mentioning
I like this teaser, which focuses on finding information in an international environment in a very down-to-earth way. I only hope that all information is easy to find, since I guess it contains a lot of content!

This relaunch video from a healthcare organization has been created with Lego, and features bloopers at the end.

Fashion company Fossil copies the fashionable retro-design from their website to their intranet, which looks cool but would irritate me if I would have to use this for a long time. It is not for nothing that we see more and more white in current intranet designs! But perhaps they change their intranet as often as their fashion collection :-).

This organization has a rather standard suspense-movie for their new intranet, but also a (spoof?) video of people who want to keep the old intranet – and some spoof ones building on that. Quite recognizable and funny.

My favorite this time
The Cube, from Singapore, is my personal winner this time. Once again a little over-the-top, it depicts the hunt for a manual in an old library.

You can find the complete collection on

I hope you enjoy these and that they are a source of inspiration. If you have a video from the launch of your intranet, please add it to YouTube or Vimeo and let me know.

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8 thoughts on “Now: 50 Intranet launch and promotion videos!

    • Ellen van Aken December 28, 2012 / 2:23 pm

      Hi Thomas, thank you for your suggestion. It does not quite match the “organization launch video” theme of this post, but it fits perfectly in another collection I am currently putting together. So please watch this space!

  1. mtamta December 28, 2012 / 10:13 pm

    thank you, look forward to it

    • Ellen van Aken July 30, 2014 / 9:40 am

      Thanks for the promo; I have linked to your blog from my post “More than 80 intranet launch videos”:-).

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