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video cameraMy collection of intranet launch & promotion videos started out as just another idea for a blog post. After my first post, it has been shared and shared and it has become so popular that I am now sometimes introduced as “the lady who collects intranet videos”.  🙂

My collection lives on, and contains > 400 entries at the moment (November 2018). You can also reach it via

The collection is tagged, so you can search on  country, language, video types, business and on some other keywords.

Please use this as inspiration for your own intranet video or as topic for a blog. I have already seen a few blogs about some or all of the videos and I love to see your different takes on things. I would appreciate if you include a link to my collection to your article or presentation, and if you let me know how it has inspired you. I am happy to promote your post as well.

After watching hundreds of intranet promotion videos, I am learning to spot a good one when I see it. Please do not hesitate to ask me for advice or for a specific selection. I am available on a freelance basis.

Catherine Grenfell, of Step Two Designs,  recently wrote a very useful post about creating an intranet launch video, based on my collection. I tagged some videos especially for her post.

If you come across a suitable candidate for my collection, please let me know!

You can view all my posts about videos by clicking the tag “Video“.

And this is my current favourite. It features cowboys, hobby horses and an intranet that fits its name “Chalkboard” very well.

Image courtesy of njaj at

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