10 End-of-Year Things to do on Your SharePoint Sites

Views from Veronique

With one week left before most people go on leave, chances are most people are working all that hard anymore.  We’re all too tired and ready for a break.  If you don’t really feel like doing your day job, why not do some annual maintenance on your team sites?

1. Go to All Site Content and check what’s dormant.  If something hasn’t been touched in months or years, delete it.  At the same time, check if all the descriptions are in the lists and libraries that are left, and if not, put them in.

2. Check all the Announcements on each site; add a thoughtful Christmas message and your leave dates if you’re the primary site administrator.  Make sure old announcements have expiry dates on them.

3. Check all your how-to’s and user manuals, are they up to date?  Make a list of what to update in January, or do it now…

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