Colourful intranet videos in a grey time of year

As this time of year is grey and boring, in any case in my Northern part of the world, I thought I’d brighten things up with some extravagant intranet promotion videos, where the design appears to be more important than the content. 😁

You can find them all by searching on “z-ott” (which is my code for Over The Top) in my collection but I have made a selection in this post.

Screenshot of the tags and search part of my video collection.
You can look for the tag “z-ott” in the filter, but it is easier to search for it.

Make sure to log in to Vimeo so you can see the ones that are “not rated yet” as well! More on this phenomenon in a later post.

1. The Cube, from Singapore government

This video is 10 years old but has not aged a bit. The quest through the jungle and the old cellar is still a nice metaphor for finding information within a large organization. They need an intranet!

There is another, related, video from this organization in my collection.

2. Velux One, from a manufacturer of special windows

There were a number of similar videos around some 7 years ago, but only this one and the one from a British insurance company have survived on public media. (But please let me know if I am mistaken)

They all feature a rather hysterical voice-over, cats, a saurus of some kind, and lots of funny statistics.

3. The Loop, from a healthcare organization

The birth of a new intranet, taken literally!

4. Leroy Merlin, European DIY retailer

It is a bit long, but very interesting. It is a video game between a regular person and someone with “intranet glasses”. I have never seen this for a real intranet, it would be interesting though if you could see the serial number or available stock on screen while you walk the store. Is someone working on this?

5. Fred, from a German producer of medical products and medicines.

There is a LOT going on in this delightful teaser video. There’s Roy Liechtenstein, Andy Warhol, Superman, other references to comics, accompanied by American jazz age background music. The video is available in English, German, French and Spanish.

In my collection you will also find another one from this company, with even more arts & culture!

This is only a selection so please make sure you watch all of them!

Photo of video camera by Max Bender on Unsplash

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