Over 500 intranet promotion videos!

Some time ago I asked you if my collection of intranet promotion videos was still relevant. I have received overwhelmingly positive results, so I will continue!

For the impatient: ellenvanaken.video 🙂

Just a few things you may need to know:


My blog is not a really suitable medium, because I can not tag each video individually.

I have decided to stick to List.ly. The majority of my videos lived there already and the pricing is also better than Scoop.it.
Unfortunately I can only add 7 tags max. per video. In some cases I would like to use more.

Tags used:

  • Year of upload
  • Language
  • Country of origin
  • Type of organization
  • Type of video (teaser, demo or people/talking head are the main types)
  • Additional tags such as “SharePoint” or “Yammer”, “Powtoon” (animation tool), “Animation”, or other when applicable.

One respondent asked if I could also add tags like “high/low budget” but as I do not own the videos, I do not know.


You can filter for specific videos, such as by year, language or a certain organization type.

Between the introduction text and the first video you will see a small button called “Filter”. Click on it and all tags will show (scroll to see more). Clicking on a tag will provide a list with the items that have that tag.

Filter option to make your selection


I mainly share videos from YouTube and Vimeo. I embed them from their original location, which means I do not own them. If the owner of the video deleted the video, or makes it private, it is no longer in my collection. There will no longer be a play button, or you will see a message such as “this video does not exist” or “Enter password”. Please let me know if you see one.
Additionally, some owners decide they do not want their videos to be embedded, in that case I need to find other ways to make it available with a nice thumbnail. Those videos will look slightly smaller in the collection.

Create an account

Recently, both platforms have added an additional tag to mark whether a video is for children or not. This has an influence on my collection.

  • If a You Tube video is meant for children it can not be added to Watch Later or playlists. This is only annoying for me 🙂
  • Vimeo does not tag by default, and if it is not tagged (“Rated”) you can only watch videos if you are logged in to Vimeo. So, please create a (free) account for Vimeo, log in and then check my collection.

What’s in it for you?

  • Amusement
  • Inspiration: see real-life designs, in SharePoint but also other platforms, or learn how other people “market” their intranet
  • For consultants: refer your clients to my collection

What’s next?

I am currently working on

  • adding my backlog (including the videos that I shared through my blog)
  • removing references to videos that have been deleted by their owners
  • working on a better naming convention for the organization type tag
  • creating a presentation about my collection. Let me know if you are interested.

I will also share interesting finds regularly in this blog, and see if I can capture more lessons from the various subcollections.

Where to go?

You can find my collection by typing ellenvanaken.video in your browser, or going to https://list.ly/list/27Yb


Image by Sagar Patil on Unsplash, edited by me.

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