Moving to Stream on SharePoint

I have never been a fan of Stream. The interface is totally non-Microsoft and I always forgot where I could change ownership, for instance. My admin account needed a license in order to become a Stream admin. Stream has always looked more like an afterthought than the slick video portal that was promised back in 2015 or so. We were implementing Microsoft Video at that time, and Stream sounded so much better, and would be accessible for externals as well! (That never happened)

Recently we have been pushed to store videos on OneDrive and SharePoint. That already raised questions about the future of Stream. The video player in OD and SP got better and better, with variable playback speed, jumping 10 seconds back or forth, comments etc.
At the same time, those functions were slowly removed from Stream.

So when I read Message MC381948, published on May 18, 2022, I wanted to take action as soon as possible, and redirect the Stream tile, even without knowing fully what the end result would be.
I always like to make those type of changes at my own time, when possible. That way I can inform users at the right time, without having to wait until it has happened (and then being too late, of course πŸ™‚ )
So, “Stream on SharePoint”, OK, but what will it look like? That’s what I am going to show you today!

More information on this Microsoft page.

What does it look like now?

This is the current Stream (Classic) landing page. The URL is

The video player looks like this:

Current interface when you play a video in Stream

There is no option to change the playback speed. It used to be there! There is also no “jump” option, it is also not in the … or Settings.

When you play the same video on OneDrive it looks like this:

The interface on OneDrive.

It has variable speed, 10 sec jump and other options. Much better!

What happens when we make the change?

Go to the Admin Center > SharePoint center. (Instructions are in MC381948). Under Settings, click on “App launcher tile” next to the Stream icon, select “Stream (on SharePoint)” and click “Save”.

How you change the Stream tile

It will take a few minutes before it takes effect. So, when you click the Stream tile after some time:

The Stream tile will now lead to…

πŸ₯ πŸ₯ πŸ₯ πŸ₯ πŸ₯ πŸ₯ πŸ₯ πŸ₯ πŸ₯ πŸ₯

(drum roll)

The new Stream on SharePoint

Now that is more like it! This looks much more like Office365, with Recommended videos as thumbnails on top, and the filter tabs and a list of your videos underneath.
The URL is

When you click on the … next to the video name, you have options to open, share, add to etc.

With the … you can open a menu for the video

The “Add to” options allows you to create a task in ToDo or to add the video to your Calendar. The latter will open up a new meeting invitation with the link to the video in the body. Interesting, but I wonder about the use case for that.

But wait…my old videos are still on Stream (Classic)!

While the new interface is very nice, the new Stream homepage only shows the videos that are currently in OneDrive or SharePoint. All my older videos in Stream are still in Stream and do not transfer. So this means that older videos you want to keep, will have to be migrated. And what about links or embedded videos? I will need to dive into this for next time!

There will be a migration tool, I understand, but it will still mean that someone has to decide which videos to move and to which destination. So you will have an unexpected migration process to plan! 😦 Of course you can download and re-upload manually if you have only a few videos to transfer.

Has anyone made this change yet? What have you done with the existing videos that live in Stream?
How have your users reacted?

2 thoughts on “Moving to Stream on SharePoint

  1. Robert Taylor May 30, 2022 / 9:35 am

    Ellen, thanks (always appreciate your blogs). So is Stream on SharePoint one particular new discrete location? I guess the old, unmigrated Stream content is still in Classic Stream, but less accessible once the tile is redirected …

    • Ellen van Aken May 30, 2022 / 10:54 am

      Hi Robert, thank you for your comment!
      The Stream on SharePoint landing page shows all videos that you have access to. I just did a test with a Teams Channel meeting and another video that I uploaded to SharePoint, and they both appear on the landing page. To be continued next episode!
      There is a button top right on the new landing page back to the Classic landing page – for now. But please note you’ve suddenly got a migration project on your list when you have many videos uploaded to Stream! πŸ˜’
      Cheers, Ellen

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