No more limited visibility of “Limited Access”!

Permissions-mynewbestfriendProviding support for permissions issues, especially broken permissions within a site, is a big chunk of my daily work. That is why I wrote a series of posts on (broken) Permissions .

It is very hard to see if a site has different permissions for certain lists or libraries and many people do not know how it works, where to look or what to do about it.

An indication is the occurrence of people or groups with “Limited Access”. In general it means there are different permissions on certain lists or libraries in your site, but it does not tell you where, nor which permissions they have. You have to go to each document library and list, and sometimes even to folders, subfolders and documents, to see if any permissions have been broken. That is: in older versions of SharePoint.

But having people or groups with “Limited Access” in your site may also mean nothing. If you have created a subsite from a site that has users with “Limited Access”, and you have inherited permissions during creation, those users will be inherited while not having any special access to content in the subsite.

So the whole “Limited Access” is a tricky thing.

Now when I was researching something for a new post, I ventured into my Office365’s Site Permissions for the first time. I never do that, because I am the only person in my environment. There I saw something that I have wanted for ages.

The Site Owner can now easily see which lists and libraries have different permissions!!!

Time for a happy dance!!!

In this document library I have broken permissions.

What a library with broken permissions looks like.
In this case, permissions are different from the rest of the site and there is additional person with Full Control in the library. (“Volledig beheer” is Dutch for “Full Control”. My site has some weird language settings)

If I look at the Site Permissions I see this:

See which elements have different permissions and which users have limited access.
You can see which elements in the site have different permissions AND which users have “Limited Access”!

That yellow bar is my new best friend:

Informative bar on Site Permissions page

It says 4 things:

  • There are items with different permissions and I can get an overview what they are. This is the overview:
Items with different permissions
These are the items with different permissions.
  • It explains what Limited Access is.
  • There are people with Limited Access and I can see who they are.
Site permissions including people with limited access
Showing people with “Limited Access” and an explanation of what it means. (“Beperkte toegang” is Dutch for “Limited access”)
  • The site has different permissions from its parent. This information is also available on older versions.

Perhaps this has been in Office365 forever, but I saw this for the first time. This  will save my Site Owners and myself tons of puzzling when we start working with O365!


2 thoughts on “No more limited visibility of “Limited Access”!

  1. Peaches September 9, 2015 / 2:29 am

    This is in SharePoint 2013 on-prem as well.

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