Intranet spring-cleaning revisited

BlossomtreeIn the past weeks I have asked many users if they still need their sites that are empty or look abandoned. Now we have had a very mild winter in the Netherlands, and the temperatures have not risen dramatically, so there must be different forces at work. 🙂
But whatever the trigger, I can only conclude that it is time for intranet spring cleaning again!

This interesting post by Mimi Dionne suggests that a cleanup project can very well be managed by the records management department. I think that is a good idea because:

  1. Record retention is important for all kinds of reasons. Not retaining some records is equally important, and users have to be aware of what information they (should) store and keep available. You do not want people to draw the wrong conclusions because they have read an outdated document.
  2. It will be much more acceptable and credible if this is a requirement from the business, and not an “obsession from the intranet team to reduce storage space and complexity”. (Guilty as charged 🙂 )
  3. If the records management department manages the project, there will be objective measures to decide what to keep (on the intranet at least), and less emotional reasons (“You never know if this will be needed one day”, “But I have spent so much time on this presentation”).

I really like the angle of this post, althought I do not agree with everything (Always hire a consultant? Metadata are always available and tell it all?) .

But even if you have no records management department to help you, cleaning up your intranet on a regular basis is always a good idea that will bring many rewards!

My earlier posts on this topic are still current, so if you are in the mood for a spring-clean, please check them out!

It is time for intranet spring-cleaning! For the reasons and benefits.
How do I spring-clean my intranet? For the actual steps to take.
How I archive a site  For that content that must be kept but not necessarily has to live in an active site.
How to win space and not alienate people part 1   and part 2 if reclaiming storage space is your main reason for spring-cleaning

Good luck with your project!  And if you have any successes, or tips and tricks to share, please do!

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