Site Permissions Breaking Bad, episode 2

The Invisible Library.

Broken eggSome time ago, a Team Site Owner asked me if I could help her move some content from one site to another. Since she had Full Control in both sites, she had the right to ask and I helped her transfer some large libraries and lists.

I then asked her what to do with the rest of the content. There was another library with a large number of documents in there, and the usual array of semi-empty Calendars, Task Lists etc.

She said she did not need anything else and that the site could be removed after some time. So we agreed that I would add a message to the site’s homepage, informing people of the new location for the content, and the date when the site would be removed.

At the agreed date I removed the site.

Several months later…

…another person from that department asked me about a certain library that he could not find anymore. He sent me the link and I saw it was the large library in the site I had deleted…

It was too late for a restore so the content was lost. Of course we all felt devastated, and I made a short analysis of what had gone wrong. As with most major accidents, it was a combination of several mistakes.

What had happened?

  • One content owner had removed all other people with Full Control from the library, and made it accessible for himself and a few other people only. So, the other people with Full Control did not see the library anymore, including the person I had worked with.
  • They used only the direct link to the library to check the documents. They never went via the homepage, so they never saw the message that the site was about to be deleted.
  • There was no message in the description of the library, so I had no reason to assume that there were any different permissions in that library.

What have we learned?

  1. Never remove the  Owners/Full Control group from a library. The Owners should be able to manage their site properly. If they do not see all their content, they may make incorrect assumptions.
  2. Add information about different permissions to the description field of the list or library .
  3. Ask the SharePoint administrator for a screenshot of the “View site content” page before you decide to delete a site. The administrator sees all content, and you can compare that with what you see.

This was the situation:

Library where Site Owners have been removed.

As always, your comments, suggestions and shared experiences are welcome!

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