More than 80 Intranet Launch Videos!

75videos(Update November 2018: I now have > 400 videos)

I thought I’d update you on my collection of Intranet Launch and Promotion Videos.

What have I done since my last post on this topic?

1. Removed videos.
I have been really sorry to see that some great entries have been put behind a password on Vimeo so they are no longer publicly accessible.

2. Added new entries.
We are now at 86 items and I have more in the pipeline. I am adding them a few at a time for easy digestion. Follow me on Twitter or follow my collection if you would like to know when I have added new videos.

3. Tagged them.
All videos now have one or more of the following tags:

– Country (if relevant)

– Language

– Purpose (Demo, Teaser)

– Video type (Animation, Demo, People, Movie (= something obviously scripted and composed))

– Organization type. (E.g. Government, Education, Technology, Food)

You can now create your own selection by clicking “Find” on the top of the list and then selecting a tag.

You can filter for language, country, business etc. 

Would you please let me know if you have another tag suggestion or would like to correct a mistake? I know my tagging will not be 100% complete or correct, so your feedback is welcome.

What can you do with these?

  • Watch and enjoy
  • Use as inspiration for your own intranet launch or promotion – remember to share the result! 🙂
  • Let me know when you find a new one or want to add/change tags
  • Spread the word ( gets you there quickly)
  • Write about them!

My collection has already been featured in several posts:

Noodle (Alexis Rodrigo):  Intranet: Ready, Set, Launch!

Intranetizen (Jonathan Phillips): Intranet launch strategies: an idiot’s guide

TwoHives (Steve Bynghall): Where to find hundreds of intranet screenshots

Worldwide Intranet Challenge (Andrew Wright): Top 5 intranet articles May 2013 (WIC Newsletter)

Thoughtfarmer: 25 creative intranet launch ideas

Platform E2E: Collectie intranet teasers en demo videos (in Dutch)

All very good blogs, so while you are there, please read some other posts as well!

What’s next?
Of course I will keep adding new videos. Next time, I will share some of my takeaways. But if you would like to beat me to that, please be my guest 🙂 !

Oh, and in case you are interested: Here is my collection!

Image courtesy of Michal Marcol at


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